Thoughts of Love

Love…. One of the best yet worst feelings in the world. To love someone is to open up and give your all as well be able to accept someone’s all. That may seem easy but to accept someone flaws and all is a lot. That’s accepting them for who they are as well as who they’ll never be. Can you do that? Can any of us do that anymore? Back in the day (we always say back in the day like we actually lived back in “that” day but it’s really our grandparents day) couples could love unconditionally. Women would get with the man of their dreams and love them like he was the last man on earth because they loved that man flaws and all. He could love her endlessly but have a bad addiction like gambling but she’d stick by her man and you couldn’t tell her anything about the man she loved. Flaws and all…. Am I asking to much to be loved flaws and all? I love flaws and all but maybe that’s my flaw since no one else seems to love hard anymore. No matter how many times I get hurt my heart bounces back like no pain was caused in the last test. But trust even when nothing but pain was caused I still never seem to learn to never trust or love again. I just get myself over it and move on… even if it wasn’t real love, just potential to feel real love, it still hurts a little when its over. It’s ok though or as I always say, “it’s cool, I’ll make. I have no other choice”!!


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