Old to me, New to you

Today is one of those days that I just want to be cuddled up, no cell phones, no company, just me and the mister cuddled enjoying each others company. Just laying in love all day enjoying each others random touches, kisses, enjoying each breath he takes as he enjoys mine… Where is love?? Where has it gone?? People don’t respect one another enough anymore to fall in love and stay there. People like really hard in this generation, I don’t fit in here. I should’ve been born earlier when love still mattered….when love was more than just a tattoo on your ringer finger because its cute and celebs have it…. Most girls want a bf and scream about being independent because that’s what music has said is the right thing to be. They get a bf, get a child, leave the man and flip out when he wants to see his child….if you wouldn’t let him love you at least let him love his children. I need a blog…..someone needs to read this but who?? Anyway, I want a husband first and then children so each of my kids will be created out of an endless love, that way we can love our children together and with everything in us, love is the motive…. I don’t even know if real love exists anymore within people for people that they haven’t created themselves. People love money more than their brother but money is the root of all evil which is why we do evil to get it, keep it, and give it. We’ve created an evil nation….we’ve detoured from a Christian based nation to a money rooted nation. Honestly, I think it was set up that way. You needed money to get to this free land and practice your freedom of Christianity… Jack gambled (evil acts) to get money to get to America and the poor guy drowned…Rose could’ve made it work for that man to get on that headboard with her ijs…. But hey, he loved her so much in such a short period of time he sacrificed for her and froze to death…. That’s love!!


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