I’m sitting here on the cold floor of my dorm crying and thinking about how Being Mary Jane relates to my life… I am Mary Jane… I never destroyed a marriage but I’ve had someone get close to me… I want my David tho, even tho Andre is sexy… But I want David, flaws and all; struggle and all; I just want David… Why can’t love just be simple?? Why is it that we, man or woman, have to lose something great to realize how amazing it was?? Why is communication so hard?? Why can’t he just read my mind, see my heart and know he’s there… My heart to him should be a mirror… Yeah, a mirror. The eyes are the window to the soul….my eyes should be a mirror… But his mirror. No one knows that I put on a facade, no one knows that I’m not truly happy. I’m almost there tho, I’m damn close!! I’m just missing true love. I’m a hopeless romantic, I wear my heart on my sleeve when my David is around. With others…. fuck what you say and how you feel, but David… He makes me weak… With his eyes he can reach into me and and take all that is me… But he doesn’t… I don’t even know if he knows what power he has for real. I know he shouldn’t have this power but isn’t that apart of love?? Shouldn’t you be vulnerable to your soul mate?? That’s how you make the relationship work!! You both have to strip yourself of pride, arrogance, everything!! Just be you, if we’re both stripped naked for each other then why wouldn’t it work?? The only way it’ll start to fail is if one of you starts to dress without the other knowing… If she puts on shoes, so should he.. That starts to show caution and maybe even deceit… “Why be cautious when we’re both giving our full selves to this” becomes the question… I digress… But I’m only writing still because “David” is probably at work or sleeping and hasn’t responded to me having stripped myself naked for him… Love is patient tho… Should I really be this patient?? The more I think about this I wonder if I should post this or not… Should I strip for my readers?? Do you deserve all of me or just my artistic piece?? I won’t be selfish, I’m feeling really vulnerable right now so I’ll let you in as well. I’m sure a poem is coming from this… But not now… He has consumed my every thought, breath, motion… If I try to write tonight, it’ll just be his name…. My David… 


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