To The Wife Beater



This is not for the man that wears you

Or for the women that stare at at you

This my dear is all and only for you

No matter your color, no matter your size

You don’t understand your purpose and neither does man

But women understand and appreciate what you do when you stand

The way you outline his shape

The way give us just a taste

Of what lies beneath

The muscular secret that you keep

When I see you in the gym

As you stroll across the beach

While you’re on the court

Out to you I want to reach! 

The way you hug is perfection 

I feel we have this connection

If he leaves you with me

After we lay in the sheets

I’ll let you hug my curves

Let you dance on my turns 

Your aroma still holds him

While I’m in your possession 

You control what I do to him

Damn I love our connection…

(Written 2/13/12)


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