Too Late

Who knew the depths of a cold heart could burn so hot
The fire of the betrayal was not
My intention to ignite
What happened…
Now the torch that burns is my problem
Can I solve it?
Let me be bothered with it…
Let me come in and fight the flames that I brought into it
I took you to the highest cliff and let you fall
On stone
Because when the time came to jump
I was gone
I was afraid of the fall
Even though you got past the wall
And I knew you’d never let me fall
You held me close and said I got you
I put all of me into you
Even when I knew
You would never do
What he had done
I was still on the run
And you’re stunned
That you could give your all to a heart so cold
The chill of frost warmed us both
But I’d rather just be alone and cold
Because I no longer know
How it feels to be bold and say
I love you..


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