The Apology Letter

On this quest for love I’ve only provided hurt, anger, and misconceived notions that my quest is false

I’m sorry…

I’m sorry that I’ve become this guy

I’m sorry that I’ve put on this suit and tie

I’m sorry that I’m consistently inconsistent in my wants and needs

You see

My heart is missing more pieces than I first imagined

And I’m slightly stagnant

Well complacent

I mean let’s face it

With the guys of today it’s


Easy to get lost in a man that wants nothing

Easy to get lost in a man that’s all touchy

Touchy feely with my body and not my mind

Clutching tight to my ass and going deeper and deeper into my vajay

Never touching the coast, nowhere near the bay…of me

But this is about my apologies

To you

And honestly my sorry’s are true…

I just don’t know what else to do

Risk being hurt?

No, I won’t, I refuse

But if you choose

You can still pursue

But it’s a battle…

And for that I’m sorry

But whomever wins this battle

Will win the war!

I’ll show every scar

You may have to travel far

Far and wide

Travel high tide

But I will no longer hide

Behind the facade

Of whom I’ve become

Because this shit is dumb…

I’ve become numb…

And I want to feel, I want to heal, I want to steal

Kisses when you’re not expecting

And hugs when I’ve been neglecting

Warm baths after days of stressing

Back massages, I’ll be your blessing…

But today, I’m sorry…



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