House Arrest (poem by me)



By the year 2026, my son will be on house arrest,
The judicial system and law enforcement wont have anything to do with this.
The sentence will be sentenced by me,
Look at the rate our black men are dying.
So if I, have to be a judge, wear a big black cape,
To tell my son that he has no freedom to play outside, to keep him safe ,
Then I’ll be apart of the court’s supreme,
Making sure our black men aren’t extinct.

I’ll take him to the hospital with a white mask and white gloves,
So one day he isn’t shot six times with his hands up.
His diet will never consist of Arizona or skittles candy,
Because if you are a black man with a sweet tooth ,they see you worthy to be killed and forgotten by many.
He won’t even have the ability to flirt

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