Rumor Control: August Alsina Confirms Whether Or Not His Massive Man Meat Sent A Groupie To The Hospital


AugustAlsina17 Does August need to come with a warning label or nah????

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As I awake from my slumber
And I remember my dreams
In a dream world I’ll be draped in nothing but our covers
As the scent of love hovers
Above us
The soft glow of an awakening sky
Creeps upon your eye
And I
Admire your sleeping beauty

As I move through my dream world I roll over to kiss you
And realize I’ve missed you
I hope this isn’t an issue
But I’m smitten by you

As I listen to my dream world birds chirping good morning
As my smile replies ‘how do you do’
I glance over at you
As you murmur ‘I love you’
Yes, I love you too

As I awake from my slumber only to notice
That you’re still just my dream guy
As I gaze upon today’s sky
And sigh…
I’ll miss you until I stumble upon sleep
And we meet and greet
Again while I sleep
In the perfection of my dream world

The Apology Letter

On this quest for love I’ve only provided hurt, anger, and misconceived notions that my quest is false

I’m sorry…

I’m sorry that I’ve become this guy

I’m sorry that I’ve put on this suit and tie

I’m sorry that I’m consistently inconsistent in my wants and needs

You see

My heart is missing more pieces than I first imagined

And I’m slightly stagnant

Well complacent

I mean let’s face it

With the guys of today it’s


Easy to get lost in a man that wants nothing

Easy to get lost in a man that’s all touchy

Touchy feely with my body and not my mind

Clutching tight to my ass and going deeper and deeper into my vajay

Never touching the coast, nowhere near the bay…of me

But this is about my apologies

To you

And honestly my sorry’s are true…

I just don’t know what else to do

Risk being hurt?

No, I won’t, I refuse

But if you choose

You can still pursue

But it’s a battle…

And for that I’m sorry

But whomever wins this battle

Will win the war!

I’ll show every scar

You may have to travel far

Far and wide

Travel high tide

But I will no longer hide

Behind the facade

Of whom I’ve become

Because this shit is dumb…

I’ve become numb…

And I want to feel, I want to heal, I want to steal

Kisses when you’re not expecting

And hugs when I’ve been neglecting

Warm baths after days of stressing

Back massages, I’ll be your blessing…

But today, I’m sorry…


Too Late

Who knew the depths of a cold heart could burn so hot
The fire of the betrayal was not
My intention to ignite
What happened…
Now the torch that burns is my problem
Can I solve it?
Let me be bothered with it…
Let me come in and fight the flames that I brought into it
I took you to the highest cliff and let you fall
On stone
Because when the time came to jump
I was gone
I was afraid of the fall
Even though you got past the wall
And I knew you’d never let me fall
You held me close and said I got you
I put all of me into you
Even when I knew
You would never do
What he had done
I was still on the run
And you’re stunned
That you could give your all to a heart so cold
The chill of frost warmed us both
But I’d rather just be alone and cold
Because I no longer know
How it feels to be bold and say
I love you..

Purest Air

Spring is in the air…
And I’ve felt it since the day I saw you
Skin dark like the night
And I’ve melted since we last departed
Spring means anew
My heart you renew
And Spring is in the air
I’ve felt it since the day I saw you

Isn’t this the season of love
If not, you’re good
Feelings pure as a dove
Blossoming like I never thought they could
And you never thought they would
Spring is in the air
And I’ve thought it since the day I saw you

The frost of winter has melted away
Here lies a new hope today
Joyous birds sing our song
The renewing has come along
Trees dance to our beat
Azaleas bursting at our feet
And Spring is in the air
I’ve known it since the day I saw you…

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